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Evan the Photograher

Since Evan was a super young baby, he’s always been interested in the cameras. Once he started to have the motor skills to hold it and press a button at the same time, he’s been taking pictures. Here’s his first few at 17 months old:

 Fig. 1: First portrait attempt.

 Fig. 2: first still life.
Fig. 3: First self-portrait. I interpret the use of motion in this piece to mean he sees himself as energetic and exciting.

Every time I have the camera out, he wants to use it, and will take pictures of whatever strikes his fancy. So far he’s only used the point-and-shoot, but he really wants to use my digital SLR (so far I haven’t trusted him enough with it, but maybe I should).

Here are some more samples:

 Fig. 4: First non-human life photo (2yrs 3 mths)

Fig. 5: Portraits getting a bit better (2.5yrs) 

Fig. 6: Getting a bit more artsy with the framing (3yrs) 

Fig. 7: Getting more action in the shot (4 yrs). 

 Fig. 8: I think the meaning of this photo is too deep for me to comprehend (4 yrs).

Fig. 9: I like the dept in this one (4yrs).

…maybe we have a budding photographer on our hands 😉


This Is Me

Fig. 1: Minutes after Carter was born during a home water birth.
Fig. 2: Happy morning with both kids a couple days after Carter was born.
Fig. 3: Cuddles with Carter a few days after my surgery. They shaved the left side of my hair to remove essentially the left portion of my skull from the crown of my head to my ear. You can see the staples along the top of my head. 

Fig. 4: a better look at the staples.  Those were taken our the day  I was discharged from the hospital and went to the rehab centre. 
Fig. 5: Posing with Evan at his 3rd birthday celebration at home (Nov. 2)! You can see how my head is misshapen on the left side (closer to Evan) above the ear (that’s from the swelling of my brain, which is going down). My head will look normal after they replace the skull on that side – we’ll hopefully find out soon when that surgery will be done. 

Fig. 6: cuddles with Carter at home!! Isn’t my new hairstyle the best (I find it hard looking at myself now)? I’m looking forward to having my long hair back (so is Evan, who uses it like a security blanket). 

Am I an artist now?

The second local Awesome Foundation project to get funded was Caring Between the Lines. The idea is that people can submit a photo, about 20 would be chosen to be printed in large format in high-contrast black and white, and then put on display for others to color with crayons. After being on display for a week, the pieces would be auctioned off, and the money would go toward a charity of the photographer’s choice.
I thought this was literally an awesome idea, so to show my support I submitted a photo.

 Fig. 1: My submitted photograph, titled “Mmm…candy apples”, taken at a local chocolate shop.
Well, mine was chosen to be part of the exhibit! I’m pretty excited, and we’re definitely going to take part in the coloring in early May, and the subsequent auction. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a giant, crayon-colored version of my own photograph?

Thanksgiving Weekend in Pictures

DH and I started the weekend with a date night – we took in a London Knights game and it was really fun!
Saturday we did a lot of work around the house. Here’s Evan helping Daddy raking the leaves.
Sunday morning we went to the Children’s Museum and Even had a blast!
And on Monday, we went to an apple orchard/pumpkin patch.
It was a great weekend, with many reminders of what we should be thankful for. I’m so lucky to have a wonderful husband and a darling son, both of whom can make me laugh until my stomach aches!

Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Check out the Astronomy Picture of the Day!

5 Years Later….

Fig. 1: Not even engaged in 2007.
Fig. 2: And 5 years later.

Photo Series, Part V

17. A picture during a time of sadness

A very rare December rainbow after suffering a miscarriage.

18. A picture of an accomplishment

Drinking from the Goblet of Knowledge after passing my PhD defence.

19. A picture of your furry friend(s)

Isaac (left) and Isabella (right).

20. A picture that always makes you laugh

Burping Evan in the early days always gave us comic relief during his NICU stay.

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