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Knit 1 Breathe 2 – Episode 8!

It’s been a while, but here’s the newest episode of my knitting podcast:


Knit 1 Breathe 2 – Episode 7

Forgot to post this when I published episode 7 of my knitting podcast:

Knit 1 Breathe 2 – Episode 6

It’s been quiet around here, but Episode 6 of my knitting podcast is up here:

Knit 1 Breathe 2 – Episode 5!

My next knitting podcast episode is up:

Knit 1 Breath 2 – Episode 3

Happy September!!

Check out what I’ve been doing with my crafty time in the past month by watching the third episode of my knitting podcast here:


Knit 1 Breathe 2 – Episode 2

The second episode of my knitting podcast is up! Enjoy!

Knit 1 Breathe 2 Podcast

After my short video blog last month, I’ve decided to make it a regular thing and have posted my first episode of my very own knitting podcast!

It’s called Knit 1 Breath 2 for the simple reason that I have used knitting as a relaxation technique for 10 years now.

Each episode will general follow the same format:

  • Intro (will include some sort of personal anecdote)
  • Finished Objects (things I’ve knit since last time)
  • Works in Progress (things I’m working on, or will be shortly)
  • Stash Enhancements (stuff I’ve bought for knitting)
  • Breathe 2 (a tip about reducing stress/anxiety)

I hope you’ll join me! Here’s Episode 1:

Show notes:

Yoga Socks for the Lounger by Sybil R.
Miso shawl by Ambah O’Brien

Indie Dyers

Meditation Aps
Stop, Breath, Think
Insight Timer

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