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Some Updates!

Okay, this blog has been sorely lacking since I started my BEd program in September, and I miss it!

The good thing is, I just finished my second practicum placement last Friday, and all I have left now is a 2-week volunteer stint at the local school board office!!! YAY!!! Anyway, I should be able to write more 😀

Right after celebratory beverages on Friday, I started having some pretty bad pain in my throat. By Sunday, I had be holding a fever of 102-103F and feeling like death. So, off to the walk-in, and I was diagnosed with Strep. Blech!! Though I’ve been on antibiotics since then, I’m still fighting it off. In fact, I went to my regular doctor today, and she gave me a different antibiotic, and did a throat culture and a blood test to check if it’s mono instead. Either way – lots of fluids and rest. Good times!

In other news, C still hasn’t uttered a recognizable word, but we now have an appointment to get his hearing checked, and are going through the (slow) process of getting him evaluated by a speech therapist. He’s also be a really crappy sleeper lately, and we’re at the end of our ropes with it!! I understood when he was 6 months, but he’s over 18 months now – time to suck it up, kid, and sleep in your own bed without a bottle in the middle of the night!

There has been a lot more yelling in our house lately than usual. I think it’s because both DH and I have been more stressed out with work/school, and the kids – in all honesty – have been acting like little jerks. E has been especially defiant, and he’s picked up some very obnoxious behaviours/talk from school. Anyway, I can tell the yelling is increasing the anxiety levels in our house, and I don’t like that at all. So, time to put a reign on that (is that a thing?).

What’s up with you?


Pile It On

Life loves to just pile things on, right? 
This weekend, Evan started feeling worse again, after doing better for a couple days after some sort of flu bug. We ended up taking him to the doctor yesterday and found out he has a minor case of pneumonia. We go the antibiotics, gave him a dose, and then noticed he had some hives at bedtime. They didn’t seem to be bothering him, but they were worse this morning. So, back to the doctor today to get something else. 
At least his fever is down today, he seems to have a bit more energy, and his appetite has increased – so that’s all good. 
Now I’m hoping Jelly Bean stays in there at least a few more days so this whole thing blows over. Thanksgiving baby, maybe? (Canadian, not American!!!)

Cherry on Top

To add to all the emotions and anxiety I’m feeling right now, Evan has come down with some sort of stomach bug/fever thing. Life just loves to do this kind of thing, doesn’t it? I’m just hoping that a) I don’t get sick, and b) Jelly Bean doesn’t come in the next few days so this virus can run its course through the house before he arrives.
The good news is that baby #2 will come THIS MONTH, as I’ll be 42 weeks on the 31st (guaranteed induction date – if not before).

The M/C Saga Continues

Thank you to everyone for all your kind words and thoughts. 
This miscarriage has been far worse physically than the last one. It started on its own on Thursday, which I was relieved about. However, come Saturday morning, the bleeding got out of control and I ended up in an ambulance to the ER.
I spent 9 hours in the ER. My hemoglobin levels dropped about 30 points in that time (125 to 96), and it was decided I needed to undergo a D&C. At least that meant I got to go to a more private ward, but I had to wait another 5 hours before being called to surgery at about midnight.
Thankfully, the surgery went well, the bleeding has pretty much stopped, and my hemoglobin levels were rising again. I’m still feeling pretty awful today, but mostly because I have a brutal cold and my muscles are really stiff (from all the IV fluids going in and out quickly, or maybe from my blood levels?).
Here’s hoping I’m finally on the mend.

Not As Planned

Here is how this weekend was supposed to go: On Saturday, I had to organize two outreach events (one from 1-4pm, another from 5-9pm). DH was excited to have one-on-one time with Evan, and would come to both events so I could see them. Sunday we would make our turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, watch football (obviously kicking ass in our pool), and enjoy the day. Monday we would take a family outing to a local farm with apple picking, a pumpkin patch, and all things Fall.

Here is how it really went:

Saturday started out fine enough, with DH getting groceries and me spending time with Evan. About ten minutes before I had to leave for my first event, DH got very VERY ill. I had no idea what to do. I knew how awful it would be for him to have to look after Evan while sick, but I couldn’t back out of the events. DH assured me they’d be fine, so off I went.

The first event at the Children’s Museum went okay – not great, but about 50 people came by. I checked in with DH – he wondered if I could come home at some point, as he was not feeling any better. So, after setting up the second event, I came home to a very sick DH lying on the couch with a very upset Evan bawling his eyes out in DH’s face. I scooped Evan up, cuddled, played, changed diaper, fed, and put to bed. DH and I decide to move the turkey dinner to Monday, since we weren’t sure how he’d be feeling on Sunday.

I went back to the second event, which also wasn’t super great — again only about 50 people showed up. We all blamed the low turnouts on it being Thanksgiving weekend, and a gorgeous one weather-wise at that. I get home, and DH is feeling good enough to eat something. Hmm…12 hour bug of some sort?

Sunday morning I woke up at 6:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Evan woke up at about 7am, so I fed him and played with him, letting DH sleep in and recover a bit from the day before. By about 9am I was exhausted, so DH took Evan for a long walk and I went back to bed for two hours. That afternoon, we just relaxed around the house, watching football (doing very shitty with our picks), and hanging out in the yard. By 8pm I started feeling nauseous, so went to bed.

That whole night I fluctuated between feeling nauseous and having a panic attack – heart racing, shortness of breath, etc. – about feeling nauseous (I practically have a phobia of vomiting). I “slept” for 12 hours, and felt awful when I finally got out of bed, and felt awful pretty much all day. DH was a trooper, taking care of Evan, and even cooking up the whole turkey dinner while both Evan and I were napping. By the time dinner was ready, I felt like I could kind of eat something, so we both had a bit of Thanksgiving dinner in front of the TV.

Plus, we only got 5 points — 5!! out of 13!! — in the football pool this week. We couldn’t do worse than that if we tried!

Not exactly what you would call a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend – the last long weekend of the year.


I’m sick. Again.

DH came down with a flu/cold over the weekend. I figured, since I have had it twice already this season, that maybe I’ve worked up an immunity.


Yesterday, while doing an outreach event in the morning, I started to feel worse and worse. By the time we got back to the university, I felt like death. I went home, took my temperature (102.2F), and went to sleep. I slept until 6am, when E-dawg thought it was a good time to wake up.

Still feeling horrible, I had to call a teacher this morning to cancel an all-day outreach event. On top of being sick, I now feel guilty about making them come up with a lesson plan 20 minutes before classes start. At least we are able to reschedule.

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