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Wallet Woes

Just got back from vacation, which started with me leaving my wallet in the family washroom at a highway rest-stop. I didn’t realize it until we got to our destination – about 4 hours later.
I called the rest-stop, and the lady I talked to said someone turned it in! Hooray! What luck! I told her that we would pick it up on our way home a week later.
After a week of no wallet, I was so relieved when we pulled into the parking lot of the rest-stop. I went up to the counter, gave them my name and the description of my wallet, and off they went to grab it. But, when they returned with nothing in their hand, I was a bit confused. Apparently, there was no wallet in the typical lost-and-found location, and no note of my phone call the week before. 
They looked again. They got another staff person to look. They got the manager to look. 
WTF? How could it be that the lady on the phone told me they had it and it not be there? Did it just disappear?
The managers that were on duty last weekend (when I lost my wallet and called) aren’t working until Monday, so they might have some answers then. But, seriously, did it grow legs and walk away? Did the lady lie to me and said they had it when they didn’t (why on Earth would she do that)? 
It makes sense logically that it’s there, but I’m waiting in limbo right now, wondering if/when I should start canceling and replacing all my cards (no strange purchases have been made yet), and finding it annoying that I can’t just run to the store or whatever if I need something.
I’m blaming this on pregnancy brain.

Maxidol Commercial

Last weekend, as I was enjoying an action flick on TV, I was bombarded every commercial break with the latest Maxidol commercial that made me more angry every time I watched it.
I’ve tried searching for it online, but have come up empty-handed so far.*  But, if you search for “maxidol time of the month commercial”, you’ll see I’m not the only one annoyed by it.
The commercial starts with a view of a woman’s work desk, and the narrator saying something along the lines of Poor Susie – she’s off work today because of cramping, bloating… — you get the idea. As the list goes on, the commercial cuts to a scene of a woman shopping to her heart’s content and leaving the store with both hands full of bags.
If you can’t figure out why this ad pisses me off, here’s a list of things it implies:
1. Women are unreliable when having their period
2. Even if women feel okay during their period, they’ll use it as an excuse to get out of work
3. When women do skip out of work, it’s to go shopping
4. Women love to shop, especially when having their period
5. Women can’t stop themselves when shopping and always over-indulge
I don’t know who’s idea this commercial was, or who let it air, but join me in telling Maxidol (Bayer Canada is the parent company – email is that they should go to hell!** And, no, I’m not irritable because of PMS. I’m irritable because this sexist shit is apparently still acceptable.

*If anyone has a link, let me know.
**I sent them an email on Tuesday – will update if I hear anything back!

Men Behaving Badly

DH plays in a recreational soccer league for men over 25 (though the average age is probably closer to 35 or 40). You would think by that age that people would be calm and laid-back enough to have a fun and friendly game.

You’d be wrong.

A few days ago, during the game before DH’s, a bench-clearing brawl broke out. Can you even?

Apparently, a player kicked the ball and it came pretty close to another player’s head. The second player thought the guy did it on purpose, so he shoved the guy. The guy shoved him back. Now, usually that’s where it ends. The guys would get sent off and play would continue. But, I guess a third guy was up for a fight, because he came running from half-way across the court and shoved one of the players too.

Of course, this escalated things, so punches were thrown and at one point there were 4-5 guys kicking a player who was lying on the floor.

Isn’t that absolutely appalling? I mean, seriously…this is a middle-age men’s recreational soccer league. A lot of the time there are families there watching. How in the world does this kind of thing even happen?

I’m slightly worried that DH will continue to play in this league in the summer. Yes, the league won’t be letting those players back in, but this isn’t the only altercation he’s witnessed. There’s constantly 1-2 total jerks on each team who seem like they’re looking for a fight. A lot of players – be it from having a lack of ability or from just been aggressive in nature – are overly physical and go after the guy rather than the ball. One guy, who was a goalie, got his hand broken and wasn’t able to work for weeks because some other guy took a run at him while he was grabbing the ball.

It doesn’t help that the refs in the league don’t seem to call many fouls, which means players start getting frustrated and will take more of an aggressive slant to their playing (because if the other guy/team can get away with it, then they should too). But, I still don’t think that should excuse this type of disgusting behavior.

Yes, there are times where it’s appropriate to be competitive, there’s nothing wrong with that. But when it escalates to crap like this, especially when it’s supposed to be “just for fun” and a way to get some exercise, it makes me embarrassed for the human race.

Impediment to Progress

There has been a lot of shit going down lately around the observatory program I’m trying to create. Without getting into any details (and boy, I’d love to write a big rant post about all this shit), basically there is one character whose seemingly only life goal is to impede the progress of this program using any means necessary. Let’s call them ItP for Impeder to Progress.

ItP has made my life (or at least my time spent on this program – which is work that I do not get paid for) absolute hell. They are around every corner, just waiting to hit me over the head with some “rule” that didn’t exist yesterday, or some other demand that must be met in order for me to move forward. I’ve jumped through about a million hoops for ItP, and it still isn’t enough.

Now, dealing with one person might not be so bad, but since ItP is more senior than me, their behavior and attitude is starting to wear off on other people – people that have some power when it comes to making decisions about the future of the observatory. In the battle of ItP-said/Alyssa-said, they automatically win because of their position.

I don’t get it. I’m trying to do something good here!! The department will benefit, the university will benefit, the city will benefit, even the whole region will benefit! Why, God, why, is ItP trying to stop the progress at all costs? They have no long-term investment in the observatory! Apparently they’d rather see it close down and be “moth-balled” instead of used to educate the public about astronomy and science in general.

If this shit doesn’t change soon, I’m going to drop the whole damn thing and just let the observatory go blind. Kudos, ItP, kudos. You may get what you wish for.

The Stories are True

I’ve always heard people telling similar stories, but I never saw it with my own eyes until today.

As I was pulling up to a stop light, the woman in front of me was driving erratically (swerving into the neighboring lane, jerky breaking, etc.). As I pulled up beside her, I looked over and there she was…putting on eye make-up in the rear-view mirror (not pointed where it should be, of course, but toward her).

Even better: she had a small child in the back seat.


It goes on and on..

I posted the before and after pictures of the painting we had done a couple weeks ago. Well, the painting wasn’t actually finished. We were supposed to get a third coat done in the front foyer and main stairwell because the blue was still showing through in places.

We first asked for them to do this on the Friday of the week they were here. They didn’t do it. Either there was a mis-communication between the owners and the painter (we called the owners about it, since that was the phone number we had), or the painter forgot/didn’t want to do it.

The painter dropped by the next day to give us the bill and drop off the key. We asked him about the third coat and he said he could come back on Tuesday to fix things. He didn’t show up.

I called the owner again, asking when the painter can come back. He said Wednesday morning – fine. We get home on Wednesday after work and find the painting hasn’t been done (or at least not a full coat like we asked) and our living room window was lying on our couch. The only person with access to our house (besides ourselves) was the painter, and the window/screen was not wrecked from the outside – so we figure the painter tried to open it and broke it some how.

If you’re keeping score, that’s 3 strikes (plus a broken window). DH and I lost it. We called the owner and talked to him for quite some time. I was adamant that I did not want the same painter back in our house. He had multiple chances to fix things and didn’t. Plus he got paint on the ceiling and some of our gorgeous wood trim (not a very professional job, in my opinion). After a while, the owner understood the situation and would call us early the next week to schedule another painter to come and fix everything.

We get a call today (Tuesday – more than two weeks after the painting started) from a different owner to schedule another painter. He will be coming on Friday. I then ask him about fixing the window. He tells me the painter said he didn’t touch it, and that he’s known the painter for a long time, and doesn’t know me from a hole in the wall, so what is he supposed to do? Basically, he’s calling us liars. That we broke our own window on purpose so they would fix it.

I am so, so, SO very sick of these people. What’s even more annoying is they think we are pissed off for no reason. No. I don’t think that’s the case. I think we’ve been more than fair and gave them plenty of chances to make things right without losing our heads. We gave the guy three chances to fix the painting, and he didn’t, not to mention all the other crap. I don’t think we are out of line, and they can kiss my ass if they think otherwise.

Good Role Model

A couple days ago DH and I were out and saw a woman wearing this t-shirt:

Figure 1: Classy t-shirt by Hustler (link from

Now, I think I would have been offended if anyone was wearing this shirt, but this particular woman was with her two pre-teen daughters.

I don’t know – maybe I’m just super judgmental, but is that really the message you want to be sending to your kids? I mean, there are multiple things wrong with this in my mind: the language is tasteless (don’t we try to minimize this language around children?), it’s by Hustler (women should only be valued for their looks!), and it’s promoting violence as a cute thing (note the princess crown – eta: those are apparently brass knuckles. How sweet!). Not exactly setting up your daughters to be strong (of the mind) women.

What do you think?

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