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Hair, Teaching, and Crap

Thanks to everyone who voted on my hair poll! I was a bit surprised how BIG of a blowout the sleek bob had 🙂 I still haven’t fully decided, and my next hair appointment isn’t until the end of June, so you’ll have to wait until then to find out which way I go!

Some VERY exciting news! I just completed the last requirement for my BEd on Friday, so I am done the program!!!! Next steps are to attend my convocation (I missed my MSc and PhD ceremonies, so I’m going to this one), and get my certification approved by the Ontario College of Teachers. Oh, and get a job of course :S

On that note, I have been offered a position as an MCAT test preparation instructor. It’s part time, and only for a couple of months, but it’ll be a nice way to bring in some much needed cash…oh, and get more teaching experience of course 😉 I also applied for my first REAL teaching position…exciting, but nerve-wracking!

In completely unrelated news: I am so tired of cleaning up CRAP (literal CRAP). C’s only 1.5 years old, and still in diapers, so that will be going on for a while yet. E’s hitting the gross boy stage where he gets CRAP in the weirdest and disgusting places. When will this be OVER?


Hair Poll!

Well, it’s been over 1.5 years since my stroke (and therefore since my head was shaved down to the scalp). I’ve seen my hair at all kinds of lengths, and am now ready to settle on my next style. I’m torn between two choices, so I’d love the opinion of my readers (if you’re still out there!).

So, here’s what I’m trying to choose between:


Choice #1: Pixie Cut


Choice #2: Sleek Bob

Vote here!

Hair Evolution

It’s been about one year since my first visit to my hair stylist after my stroke. I’ve had a few appointments since then, including today — here’s how my hair has evolved since it was first shaved for my emergency brain surgery (if you’re squeamish, you might not want to look at the first photo or two — especially the second one).

 Fig. 1: Late October, 2013 (about 2 weeks after my surgery).
Fig. 2: Late December, 2013 (a couple days after my second surgery to put my skull back on)

Fig. 3: Late February, 2014.
Fig. 4: Mid-May, 2014 (right after an appointment with my stylist).

Fig. 5: Mid-August, 2014 (shortly after another visit to my stylist)

 Fig. 6: January 6, 2015 (right after a visit to my stylist)

First, how awesome is my stylist? She managed to make my hair look like a million bucks at every awkward stage! She’s actually an award-winning hair stylist, and it really makes a world of difference, especially when dealing with such hair issues (I did start seeing her before all this and noticed a HUGE difference between previous stylists – she has a deep understanding of the connection between hair type, face type, personality, and style).
Second, I know it seems a bit vain to be writing about my hair of all things after everything that has happened, but it’s amazing how much it affected me throughout this journey. It was hard looking in the mirror and not seeing MYSELF, if that makes sense — I was just staring at a stroke patient. My stylist gave me ME back, even though my hair wasn’t the same as before. She helped me take ownership of it – choosing styles that I wanted, even thought I wasn’t so keen on the length. Being able to make the CHOICE instead of it being thrust upon me, really helped me feel more confident.
Never underestimate the worth of a great hair stylist!

The Hair

I did it! I let my hair grow out enough to finally get a style! Take that, stroke!

Thank you to Lisa S. at Salon Entrenous for doing such an amazing job!!



Dressing the PG Body

With the heat rising and my belly (and other things) getting bigger, it’s been getting harder and harder to pull together reasonable looking outfits for work. 
A couple months back, I bought a whole pile of slightly used maternity clothes (who wants to spend full price on clothes that you’re only going to wear for a few months?), and splurged on some new items too. With seemingly endless combinations of outfits I could put together, I thought I was set for the rest of my pregnancy. 
Apparently, I forgot how things progress while pregnant during the summer.
The very fashionable skinny jeans and dress pants I bought, while still fitting nicely around the belly, are already tight in the hips.
Some of the tops are already too short to fit over my belly.
My feet are growing/swelling so that my shoes are tight.
The heat means there’s no way in hell I’m wearing layers, which is a problem because…
…all of a sudden my boobs have grown multiple cup sizes, making what used to be relatively conservative necklines into cleavage-ville.
Getting dressed for work sucks these days. I seriously get angry even thinking about having to wear a camisole underneath a top because…HEAVEN FORBID…someone might be able to see a bit of cleavage (GASP!!!). Knowing I can’t even wear half my maternity pants anymore makes me want to weep. Putting my shoes on in the morning just makes me cringe.
And I’m only 24 weeks along!
The one good thing about all of this is how amazing it feels to come home, get out of my work clothes, and put on a big t-shirt, cotton shorts, and flip-flops.
Just hoping I can make it to Sept. 13th (last day of work!!) with a somewhat intact ability to dress appropriately, then the above becomes my uniform until Jelly Bean arrives (and, let’s be honest, for months after except substituting sweatpants and socks for the shorts and flip-flops in the fall). It will be glorious. 

Let There Be Light

DH installed a light in my closet so I can now tell the difference between black, brown, navy, and dark green 🙂 Sorry for the crappy quality of the photos – I was using the camera on my phone.

Fig. 1: Before. 

Fig. 2: After.

Wordless(ish) Wednesday

So, what do you think?

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