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Vacation & Aimless

The kids and I returned yesterday from almost 3 weeks away visiting family out West. We first visited DH’s family in Vancouver, then to Kelowna for a family wedding (my side), then DH went back to Vancouver for a couple extra days before returning home and I took the kids to Calgary to spend a week with my family.

It was a good trip, and it was awesome to spend so much time with family (which the boys LOVED – so much attention!) and seeing old friends. I did have to fly home with the kids on my own, and that was like living out a personal nightmare. As someone who suffers from anxiety and is a constant people-pleaser, having “those kids” on a 3+ hour flight was horrifying. I broke into tears a number of times. Thankfully the second (much shorter – 30 minute) flight went smoothly.

While away I had lots of time to think about things, and I realized I feel lost in a lot of aspects in my life.

  • Job situation: I have started applying for teaching jobs, but it seems it will be a lot more frustration and take much longer than I anticipated. I also have to explain the process to anyone who knows that I just finished my BEd and expects me to be teaching RIGHT NOW. Then, all the $$ issues that arise when one is looking for work and/or in the middle of changing careers.
  • Children: I’m (we’re) at a total loss with how to parent C. He is so different than E was at this age. He doesn’t respond to “No”, “Stop”, or anything of the like. Time outs don’t work. He is very defiant. He’s a runner (and by that I mean, he runs away). He’s a shit-disturber. I’m sure these characteristics will work out for him as an adult, but right now it is beyond frustrating. I never thought I’d say this, but E was (and is) a pretty easy kid.
  • Self Care: Since school ended for E in June, this has gone to the VERY bottom of the list and I feel it. I’ve been eating like garbage, haven’t been exercising, and haven’t been doing things for me. I feel like a lump of mush, and am on the verge of an anxiety attack or depression.
  • Home Care: I have a to-do list around here that’s a mile long, and just keeps growing. Many of which are thinks I actually WANT to do (like doing annual photo books for E and C) and putting old baby stuff on Kijiji to sell. But, I just can’t motivate myself to do any of it. It’s like I’m paralyzed by volume of things that need to be done.

So, we’re back and I’m feeling overwhelmed. Next week E goes to a day camp, and C is still in daycare twice a week, so hopefully that will let me breath a bit, because I feel like I haven’t taken a breath since Jun 25th.


Point Pelee

We took our first vacation as a family of four in mid-July! We rented a cottage near Point Pelee (southernmost tip of Canada) and had a blast!

The cottage had it’s own private beach so we did a lot of rock hunting/throwing.

We showed the boys how to light a fire and how to make s’mores.

We saw the “supermoon” (I hope that term dies soon).

We played inside and watched movies if it was raining.

We went to Point Pelee park.

We tried our hand at geocaching (something we all really liked!)

We took a ferry over to Pelee Island and went for a family bike ride.

And otherwise just hung out and enjoyed our time together as a family of four!

San Jose

I’ll be heading to San Jose, California, for a conference in the near future. If you’re in the area, let me know, and maybe we can do a meet-up! Any tips on what to see or do if I have some free time?

Wallet Woes

Just got back from vacation, which started with me leaving my wallet in the family washroom at a highway rest-stop. I didn’t realize it until we got to our destination – about 4 hours later.
I called the rest-stop, and the lady I talked to said someone turned it in! Hooray! What luck! I told her that we would pick it up on our way home a week later.
After a week of no wallet, I was so relieved when we pulled into the parking lot of the rest-stop. I went up to the counter, gave them my name and the description of my wallet, and off they went to grab it. But, when they returned with nothing in their hand, I was a bit confused. Apparently, there was no wallet in the typical lost-and-found location, and no note of my phone call the week before. 
They looked again. They got another staff person to look. They got the manager to look. 
WTF? How could it be that the lady on the phone told me they had it and it not be there? Did it just disappear?
The managers that were on duty last weekend (when I lost my wallet and called) aren’t working until Monday, so they might have some answers then. But, seriously, did it grow legs and walk away? Did the lady lie to me and said they had it when they didn’t (why on Earth would she do that)? 
It makes sense logically that it’s there, but I’m waiting in limbo right now, wondering if/when I should start canceling and replacing all my cards (no strange purchases have been made yet), and finding it annoying that I can’t just run to the store or whatever if I need something.
I’m blaming this on pregnancy brain.

Arizona and 34

We got back last night from a glorious week spent with my parents at their winter place in Phoenix. The weather was perfect: 25-30C, but a nice dry heat, so it was cooler in the shade, and the nights were cooler too.

Almost every morning, my dad picked oranges (with Evan’s help) and made fresh orange juice.

We went to Meteor (Barringer) Crater and the Grand Canyon.

Evan loved spending time with Grandma and Grandpa, and we saw a few trains too.

I also got to spend my 34th birthday with my parents – can’t remember the last time we celebrated my birthday together! I got a banana cream pie 🙂


We are heading down to Arizona in March to visit my parents who live down there in the winter months…which means Evan needs his passport. We were worried about how long it would take to get a photo that would work. That he would freak out, cry, get distracted and not look at the camera…we were prepared for it to be a gong show, really.
Once in place in front of the screen, he sat there with a sullen look with his mouth slightly open.  She said he couldn’t have his mouth open, so he closed it. One snap of the camera and, voila!

Is that not the perfect mugshot passport photo, or what?

Never Easier?

I’m sitting at the Chicago airport, waiting for my connection down to Tucson for a conference on science education.
I miss Evan and DH already. In fact, I missed them the moment I walked out the door at 5am this morning. Every time I travel for a conference or otherwise, and have to be away from them, my heart just breaks.
Will it ever get easier to go away?
Luckily, I still am able to take full advantage of the alone time!

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