September Round-Up

Well, that was a fast month! Welcome to October!

September meant back-to-school for myself and the boys. This year, Carter started junior kindergarten and he’s loving it. The first few drop offs were pretty intense, but once he saw all the cool new toys he could play with in the before-school program, he was fine.

Evan started grade 2 and seems to be enjoying it. This year, there’s not really a structured reading program, so we’ll be getting lots of books from the library so he can keep reading every day.

I also went back to school! This year, I’ll continue to supply (substitute) teach, as we’re finding it’s the best fit for our life right now. It’s so nice to be working in schools closer to home, and always nice not to have marking!

It was our 9th anniversary and we went out for an amazing dinner at a new restaurant in town.

DH got in a car accident at the beginning of the month. The car was a write-off, so we had to buy a(nother) new car. This time we chose a Mazda 6 and we like it a lot. He got a concussion and had to take time away from work. He’s doing better now, but not fully recovered.

We had a fight with an appliance dealer about a dishwasher. Ours hasn’t been working well for months, and DH finally decided to just get a new one.  But, less than an hour after making the order, he figured out the issue, and called to cancel. Then, they told him it’d be a 25% re-stocking fee (on something that hasn’t been ordered, nevermind being shipped or stocked!). After writing a negative review of them on Google and 5 days of phone calls, they agreed to give us all our money back.

Sometimes being an adult sucks!

The last week of September was super hot here, so I’m welcoming the cooler temperatures that October is bringing!

How was your September?


My fourth episode of my knitting podcast, Knit 1 Breathe 2, is up:

In it, I announce a shawl knit along I’m hosting! Here are the rules if you want to join!

  • Runs from: Oct 1st to Jan. 7
  • Shawls must be cast on or after Oct. 1st
  • Prize at half way point (Nov 20) then at end
  • Each completed shawl gives you 1 entry
  • I’ll keep track via Instagram. Use #knit1breathe2KAL
  • Shawls must be at least 1 skein
  • Double dipping with other knit alongs is encouraged!

My Modcloth Experience

In the summer, I take stock of my wardrobe to see what needs to be replaced or added. This year, I  thought I’d try something different and take a look at Modcloth. I’ve seen advertisments everywhere, and I seem to hear good things about it. I even know some people who have been happy with their products.

So, I made a list of things I needed and search around on Modcloth to see what they had to offer. They certainly had a large variety, and I ended up ordering 2 pairs of dress pants, three tops, a pair of shoes, and one undergarment.

I ordered on August 20th and I received the package September 8th. Not quick. that’s for sure. So, I wasn’t super happy about that, but I wasn’t too surprised since it was  coming from the USA.

I opened the box and I could immediately tell the fabric of the blouse on the top was cheap before even taking it out of the bag. I hoped for the best while opening it, but when I put it on, not only was fabric thin and flimsy, but the top was WAY too big! The arm holes were huge and you could see my entire bra and more on each side!

Okay…not a great start. That was the shirt I bought on sale for $10. Maybe the rest will be better.

Next up a pair of pants. Again, the fabric was cheap and as I held them up I realized they’d look ridiculous on me. Sure enough, I put them on and it looked like clown pants! They were SUPER wide and long (I’m 5’7″, but there was a good 6″ of extra length). They did fit on the waist okay, but otherwise were a miss.

Next was another pair of pants, and more of the same. Another miss.

I had another two shirts, and both fit similarly to the first one. Way too big under the arms!  Fabrics were also thin and/or they construction was not very flattering. Two more misses.

I tried on a lounging bra that, again, was WAY too big…which is insane, because I’m pretty well-endowed and never have that problem. So, a big no to that one too.

I finally tried on the shoes I ordered – yay! They fit! They’re cute! They’re good quality! A hit this time.

Things to consider:

  1. I ordered all larger sizes than I normally do, but only because I ordered to their sizing charts.
  2. I did read the reviews and take the comments about quality and sizing into account when ordering.
  3. The fabric seemed cheap or the construction was awful.
  4. It took longer than expected to get to me.
  5. I had to pay a ~$60 customs charge to accept the package.
  6. I had to pay ~$30 in shipping to return it.

This was not a very good shopping experience, and I will not be shopping at Modcloth again!

Have you bought clothing from Modcloth? What was your experience like?

7th Car Accident

We have been incredibly unlucky with car accidents here. Together, DH and I have been involved in 7 car accidents, NONE of which have been our fault.


  1. Hit by a car that went through a stop sign as I was turning left off a more major road (Evan was in the car at the time – he was about 1 year old). Good amount of damage to the driver’s side; 1 carseat had to be replaced.
  2. Rear-ended by a car as I was stopped in a left-hand turning lane. Not enough damage to get insurance involved but 2 carseats had to be replaced.
  3. An oncoming pick-up truck (F150) tried to turn left in front of me as I was going straight on a 2-lane highway. Large amount of damage to the driver’s side wheel well and door; my car was written off; 2 carseats had to be replaced. We had to purchase a new vehicle. That was last October.


  1. Side-swiped by a car trying to change lanes while he was waiting at a stop light. A large amount of damage was done to the passenger side; 1 carseat had to be replaced.
  2. Rear-ended while waiting at a stop light. Bumper and trunk mechanism had to be replaced; 2 carseats had to be replaced.
  3. Rear-ended by a school transport van while waiting at a stop light. Bumper had to be replaced; 2 carseats had to be replaced.
  4. T-boned by a car that ran a red light. Passenger side airbag went off; large amount of damage to the passenger side front wheel well, door, and headlights; DH get fairly serious concussion. Car is written off; two carseats need to be replaced; need to buy ANOTHER vehicle.

This is quite the list, don’t you think?  That last one just happened on Labour Day. DH is still recovering from his concussion.  We’ve had to buy two new vehicles within a year because of accidents that weren’t our fault.

DH says if he gets in another accident, he’s going to stop driving. I’m feeling the same way, but would not have the ability to follow through because my job means I am travelling around the city and surrounding area.

Though we’ve never been at fault, it always ends up costing us money, especially when a car is written off. Plus, it’s always a giant pain the ass to get all the insurance sorted out, to make sure a police report gets filed, buy new carseats (they have to be replaced if they’re ever in a car that’s in an accident, even a minor one), etc..

When I moved here, I immediately noticed the drivers were not as safe or aware of their surroundings as in other – much larger – cities I had lived in. That’s just something people say when they move, right? Well, this is definitely proving true – at least in our case.

Anyone else out there feel like they’re a target on the road?

Knit 1 Breath 2 – Episode 3

Happy September!!

Check out what I’ve been doing with my crafty time in the past month by watching the third episode of my knitting podcast here:


The second episode of my knitting podcast is up! Enjoy!

I’ve been trying to get into the local school board since graduating with my BEd. in 2015 with no luck.

The first time I applied, I didn’t hear anything.

The second time, I was granted an interview, but did not get hired.

This year, I was granted an interview, I ROCKED it, and was offered a position! YAY!

This will make things much easier for me because 1) the schools are closer to me, so less driving and 2) I know many teachers in this school board, so getting work should be a bit easier.

I’m going to stay on with both school boards, because I plan to continue to do the occasional teacher thing for at least the first semester of this school year. That will give me some time to get acquainted more with the local school board. I hope it will also allow me to get more consistent work.

I most likely won’t be posting much about work at all on this blog, except for general things like this post. If you’re interested in reading more about my teaching experiences, please join me on my other blog called Joyous Understanding  or follow my teaching Twitter account (@MsAGilbert).

It’s such a relief to be work in our home town again!

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